‘Tell a Tale’ Contest – World Storytelling Day

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This World Storytelling Day, Mar 20, 2014, we at Little Readers’ Nook are launching a contest for all those little readers and writers out there. Have your child ‘Tell a Tale’ and win exciting prizes.

Prizes for the contest:

Story Cubes to spin more of your tales at home! There will be two age groups – one from 2 to 4 and the other from 4 to 6 – and one prize for each age group.

How to participate:

Little Reader’s Nook will make story cards available in a pdf form – download the PDF here or here, or write to us at admin@littlereadersnook.com to receive your copy. Print and hand them over in sets to your little ones. Your child will need to pick one card from each set. Paste the selected cards on the board (Page 1 of the PDF) and have your child tell a story connecting the pictures.

For the 2 – 4 age group, where children are not yet able to weave a story, we urge you to encourage them to attempt one or more sentences connecting the pictures.

How to register:

Write the story on the story board (page 1 of the PDF) as your child narrates it or have your child write it. You can optionally also record the story as your child narrates it and send it as a audio/video file.

All files (audio, images or video) can be uploaded on our FB page or sent to us via email to admin@littlereadersnook.com. Please ensure good quality images so that the text is readable. You may also send your child’s photograph if you wish.

To show us and the world that you are participating, download the appropriate badge and flaunt it as your profile picture on Facebook.

Story Contest Badge Boy

Story Contest Badge Girl


1. You can submit any number of entries per child. All entries should be accompanied by a valid email/Facebook account for us to contact you.
2. One entry in each age category will be chosen and will be declared winners.
3. Judges panel will be children’s book enthusiasts and will be announced shortly and their decision on the winners is final.
4. Little Readers’ Nook’s decision on the prizes is final.
5. Last day for the entries is April 30, 2014, 12 PM IST.
6. Little Readers’ Nook reserves the right to publish your child’s story on Facebook, our website and blogs.
7. While the contest is open to all, the prize can be shipped within India only. So if a non-resident participates and wins, they will need to opt for an Indian shipping address to claim the prize.

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